Una Noche de Baile

By: Stephany Valdez

A night full of dance and Latino music at Krannert’s Stage 5!

Stage 5 before Latin Night

For today’s performance, our class went to Krannert’s Latin Night! Before coming to this event, I was not sure as to what to expect. I only knew that there was going to be Latin Music- a lot of it.

At the beginning of the event, there wasn’t a lot of people. Everyone that was there was talking to one another and not a lot of dancing was going on which was quite disappointing. However, a few minutes later, people began to stand up and join the few individuals that were dancing! While I was sitting on the chair, I kept hearing some of the songs that I was familiar with and wanted to get up and dance, but I was shy to do so.

Few individuals beginning to dance

However, not until a few minutes later, a classmate and I agreed to get up and dance! Although our dancing could have used some work, it was better than simply sitting down!

Throughout the event, I ran into people that I knew from both work and high school. It was great being able to catch up with them and spend sometime dancing with them!

More people that came to Latin night!

I particularly enjoyed the fact that the music that was being played was music that I not only grew up with but music that I currently listen to. It was amazing being in a environment where others are also familiar with these songs because not only were we able to dance but also sing!

At the beginning of the event, things felt kind of awkward because it took a few minutes before individuals began to dance. However, after people started to get up, more individuals joined! I highly recommend going to Krannert’s Latin Night with some friends to enjoy a night filled with baile y musica Latina!

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