The Final Dance

By: Jeffery Berry

A Picture of the dance floor by stage 5

Once I entered into Krannert, there was loud music, chairs, and colorful lights near stage 5. People in attendance were not here to see a play, or opera, nor orchestra. This was a night of fun, and lots of people danced all night long together.

A Picture of the dance floor by stage 5

This event was a very friendly and social event. Most people at this dance were familiar with each other; therefore, there was a lot of engagement between the people who attended.1 This night was full of laughter and dancing. It was very amusing to see everyone enjoying themselves. The people dancing were changing dance partners, and simply enjoying the music being played. It was also nice to see some of my classmates participate in dancing.

A Picture of the dance floor by stage 5

Despite my shyness to dance in front of others, I, too, enjoyed this night. I slightly danced my way to the bar for a glass of water to try and get out of my comfort zone. As I looked at people on the dance floor, I saw people who danced with rhythm and people who did not. However, with this observation, I realized that these people were being free and happy, and not worrying about if they look ridiculous or not. I admired that the most about this event. It was joyful to watch how free everyone seemed as they danced to the music. I would not change a thing about this night, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoys dancing and having fun. I certainly know I did.

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