Krannert as a Dance Floor

by: Alia Muhammad Radzi

The peak of the night with people dancing

Friday night was just a fantastic way to end the semester for the class! I actually arrived before the event, Latin Dace Night, started and was not very sure of what to expect. Though it said “dance the night away” in the description, I somehow still expected some sort of dance performance to happen. It did not help that the layout of the chairs was circling the dance floor too. 

The brave souls who started dancing

It was not till 9:30 that I realize how the night was going to be. There were not many people initially, so I doubted that people would dance. However, as time passed, many people started entering Krannert, dressed very well and ready to dance! When the music first started, not many people were dancing. In fact, a few brave souls took the challenge to dance, which I commend.  

After some time passed with more drinks gone, the dance floor transformed. Many people were dancing as the lights dimmed. I, myself am not able to dance at all. The last time I danced in public, I was greeted by laughter at how rigid I am. Therefore, this time around, I refrained from dancing and was happy to be witness of the festivities for the night.

One thing that I would have very much liked was if the event was held a little earlier. Obviously, this would not have made sense being it a Friday night, and the theme of the event itself. However, since senior year begun, I cultivated the sleeping habit of a 6 year old child. Thus, less than halfway through the “required” time to be present, I was already fighting sleep.

DJ setup

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