An Unforgettable Experience

Written By: Stephany Valdez

The end of the semester is approaching, and so is our time in our FAA 110 class.

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FAA 110 is a class offered in the College of Fine and Applied Arts here at UIUC.

Originally, I was going to take THEA 101, but I decided to drop it and take FAA 110. I am glad I made this decision because this class has been a place where I was able to take a break from homework by going to the performances that we had to go to. Additionally, classes were fun to attend because we learned about the different groups before they came to perform at Krannert. Throughout our classes, I enjoyed listening to individuals, who have experience with instruments, give their critiques about the different events that we saw.

Although I attended every class, I did not participate as much as I wish I could have. I am a quite shy and prefer to listen to what others say; however, even though I did not necessarily say much during class, I was comfortable speaking to both our professors whenever I had a question.

There is now one class day left and zero performances to attend, but here is a reflection of all the events I went to this semester:

A New World of Music: Jupiter String Quartet

This was my first time ever attending a classical music performance. I really enjoyed what was being presented because it was something I have never experienced before. Additionally, I appreciated Chungliang Al Huang incorporating Tai Ji in this piece since it flowed well with the music.

The Tragedy in The Rape of Lucretia

The Rape of Lucretia was an interesting play mixed with opera. I have never attended an opera performance before watching this show and I was amazed! The screen with the subtitles was a plus because it made the performance understandable in confusing sections.

One teenage boy, but a lot of mysteries

The Curious Incidence of the Dog in the Night-time was by far one of my favorite performances of the semester. I enjoyed the amount of humor that was incorporated in this piece and I particularly loved the setting of the stage. Additionally, our professor Bright directed this wonderful piece!

Dorrance Dance: A World of Tap Music

Watching a tap dance group was also something completely new to me. I had an idea of what tap dancing was but this group completely blew my expectations! I really enjoyed the Three to One performance because it was beautifully performed.

The One and Only San Francisco Symphony

As I mentioned previously, I am not really into classical music. However, if you want to see a high quality classical group then this group is for you! It was amazing seeing this group in sync with each other while they were performing. Also, I associate classical music with sadness; however, there beginning piece proved the contrary that classical music can be cheerful.

An Oddity to the World of Dance and Music

Out of all the performances I have watched this semester, Andersson Dance and Scottish Ensemble was my top performance. I did not know what to expect throughout this show because even though classical music was being played, the dances did not fit the music but it was a refreshing way to see classical music compared to the other classical performances we watched.

A Feminist Fantasia

Because I Am Your Queen is an event that was not required but I ended up going with a friend because it sounded interesting. The play itself had funny components; however, I feel that if I was familiar with the characters (Queen Elizabeth, Hermione, Mary Stuart, etc) I would have been able to better understand the play. I did like that this performance was different from the shows that we have seen in our FAA class, so it gave me to opportunity to experience something new. Furthermore, this play was located in the Studio Theater where our class did not have the opportunity to watch a play in this semester.

Una Noche de Baile

At first, I had mixed feelings about this event. Not a lot of people were dancing; however, a few minutes later many individuals got up to dance! I ended up liking this event because I heard music that I grew up with and music I currently listen to. I am glad I was able to be apart of this night! I highly recommend for students at UIUC attend Latin Night because it is a fun event to go to with friends.

All in all, this class was one that allowed me to experience something new throughout the semester! I had the opportunity to see performers I have never heard of before. If it weren’t for this class, I probably wouldn’t have gone to Krannert at all this semester; however, thanks to my roommate, she recommended me to take this course. I would also like to thank both of my professors for this incredible journey and for emphasizing the important of art!

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