A Semester Exploring the Arts

Written by Lesly Marroquin

It is that time of the semester where everything is coming to its end, and as a senior in her last semester, it is truly ending.

Reflecting back on the semester, this class was a breath of fresh air and I am glad to have taken my friend’s recommendation to take this course. I had never before had taken advantage of the Krannert Center on campus, and I am incredibly pleased that I did so before graduating.

I experiences classical music, dance, operas, plays, and other shows that were also not a part of the syllabus. I happily went to all the shows designated to us and some others with friends outside the class. This was truly a gift in making me appreciate the arts regularly my last few months here.

The class was a great break for me as I was taking other courses that I need for my majors and minors. While I did not attend every course due to a semester filled with many events outside of campus, I always tried to be engaged and participate. I also made sure to accommodate my schedule to make it to the shows listed on our syllabus.

Now to discuss all the events I attended, I have organized them in order of when I viewed them and will be providing a rating from 1-10.

Jupiter String Quartet with Chungliang Al Huang, Tai Ji

This event was exciting since it was our first. Unfortunately, it was also during one of my busiest times of the year. I appreciate classical music, but it is never my go to unless I want to take a peaceful rest. Sadly, that almost happened during this show, and I found myself trying not to drift to sleep. I appreciated the mix of cultures though! I shall rate it 6/10.

The Rape of Lucretia

This was one of my first operas and sadly I thought it was alright. I am not dissuaded from watching other operas, but this one did not meet my expectations. I still appreciated the performance of the actors. I shall rate it a 4/10.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time

I really loved this play and it is one of the performances that really impacted me emotionally and visually this semester. It tells a complicated but beautiful story. The actors and scenery were all great and made the show fantastic! It was one I was talking about for a while. I shall rate it a 10/10



Dorrance Dance: Jungle Blues, Three to One, Myelination

I have little experience with jazz and this show completely gave me an incredible perspective on tap dance and its history. This was another favorite of mine this semester, and I was tapping my own feet for the remaining of that week. I shall rate it a 10/10 as well.

San Francisco Symphony

This was another classical music event, and while I was looking forward to listening to a well-known symphony, I was not crazy about this event. I appreciate having the experience, but it mainly solidified that classical is not one of my top choices. I shall rate it a 5/10.


Andersson Dance and Scottish Ensemble

While I already have disclosed that I do not really enjoy classical music, I really liked this interpretation of it. The dance and inclusion of the musicians made this a fun and spectacular show to watch. I had a smile on throughout most of the show! My rating for this show is 9/10.

Krannert Center Debut Artist recital

While I have spoken on classical music a lot already, I did enjoy this performance. I think I liked having a different instrument as a focus and liked the connection of this performance with the university and the local community. This was a nice show, but not one of the best. My rating is 7/10.



Lastly, Latin Dance Night

This was not a performance, but an event that brought together multiple groups within the community to dance and enjoy the night filled with music from Latin America and Spain. It was a great event which I enjoyed, and it felt nostalgic to me. I suddenly felt as if I had gone back to a school dance. I rate this a 7/10!

Overall, this was a great semester. I learned a lot about what I enjoy and do not enjoy. Most importantly, I learned to always be open to a show. I look forward to being this active with the arts in my new home. As a senior, I am moving out of state and will start work this summer! I look forward to finding a space of the arts in which I can explore more different types of performances. I wish everyone the best and hope that Krannert keeps on being wonderful!

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