Crazy for You

By Annabelle Emuze

This was the very last event that I’ll ever attend at The Krannert Center for Performing Arts at the University of Illinois …at least for now.

Crazy for You | Kranner Center for the Performing Arts. Photo retrieved from

Friday evening I attended the play ‘Crazy for You’ at the Krannert Center in the Tryon Festival Theater. This play was based on a book by Ken Ludwig. It featured music and choreography. The music and lyrics were provided by George Gershwin and Ira Gershwin, the music was beautifully conducted by Michael Tilley, and the overall production was directed by Sarah Wigley.

This production was based around two characters, Bobby Child and Bela Zangler, who left New York City in search of a community that believed in the power of theater.

Darrell Hoemann/UI Lyric Theatre Mingo played by Isiah Asplund and Tess played by Anna Benoit during a rehearsal of Crazy for You | Photo retrieved from

I truly enjoyed the mixture of storytelling and music. Storytelling is an art form that is so special to me because I personally have experienced and seen firsthand the power that it holds. When I used to perform spoken word poetry I would write my pieces and pair them with music that I felt truly helped the emotion I aimed to portray in my writing to the audience. So, this performance was very interesting for me to watch because it did remind me of that experience. The addition of dance was the portion that was different for me, but I think that it definitely helped to bring the production to life.

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