It was in the time spent waiting

By: Nancy Ibarra Medrano

Lagos De Moreno, Jalisco.

I’m thankful for this opportunity to share my words. This space is something that I’ve become drawn to. I’m enticed by the artistry and liberty to express my opinions. A place where I’m communicating with you – and you are just interested enough to continue reading. This will delve deeper than it needs to, but still, thank you for being here. I hope you hear my poetry.

Harvey, Illinois.

I hope you can see the poetry too. These are a few of my favorite photos. They also happen to coincide with my favorite places. The curation was spontaneous, but I’m quite pleased in the color-way and connexity between the quartet. Oof, finally, I’m discussing something related to the curriculum of this class.

Cancun, Quintana Roo.
Urbana, Illinois.

Each performance I attended for this class was a time apart. A thrill of newness and appreciation for the creativity in the arts. Patience is in found in the full acceptance of the experience. It is found when one sits back and enjoys the choreographed scenes already laid out for them. These moments are unpredictable for myself and the rest of the audience, but there is design. Every performance was unique in its presentation.

The design is there. The direction is.

The expectant viewer feels something before the curtains pull apart. The confused viewer watches the set up on stage. This makes no sense, but what I’m trying to say is that there is a plan, even without a plan.

There is anticipation in what is to come. This class has taught me to alert, but patient for the next show. I have to admit that I definitely relied on the in-class reminders of the next performance. It was a great way to start my week. The news of a new experience, something to learn from, something to reflect on. For me, this class was a calming reminder of a world apart. A world that I feel as drawn to more and more after the completion of each sentence of this reflection. Because this world of art facilitates the connection that I strive to have made with you in these words, but more importantly the connection I feel to who I am.

Highlights of the Semester

37 minutes early.

Jupiter String Quartet with Chungliang Al Huang, Tai Ji Master.

Latrelle Bright’s Direction of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time

From the front row.

Andersson Dance and Scottish Ensemble: Goldberg Variations – Ternary Patterns for Insomnia.

Instrumentalists and Dancers.

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