The Ending of a Great Beginning

BY: Darnisha Dunning

I took FAA 110 because a friend told me it was a good class. It is my last semester at the University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign, so I wanted to try something different. this class opened my eyes to different genres of music. I have never been into classical music unless it was to go to sleep. Most of the performance was interesting and some not so much. I did not make it to all the required performance however I made them up with different ones. Over the course of the semester, I made a blog post after each performace.

Here is a list of my favorite performances from best to worst.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime

This is one of my favorite performances because it was the easiest to follow. There was not a lot of music in the play. The play was based on a boy named Christopher who has a disability and behavioral difficulties which makes it hard for him to interact with others.

Anderson Dance and Scottish Ensemble

Anderson dance was interesting because it was not your typical dance performance. The dancer used a lot of props and they did not do the basis dance form like contemporary, jazz, etc. I like it because it uses props and group participation.

The Rape of Lucretia

I have never been to a opera and I never planned on going to one. I always thought of opera of things that older people go see. However, I like the story line of the rape of Lucretia. I like how they used song to show a tragic story of suicide.

San Francisco Symphony

In the San Francisco I like the patient of the conductor Michael Tilson Thomas. I also liked the solo from the violinist (Alexander Kerr) and how the other instruments came together to make a wonderful piece.

Jupiter String Quartet with Chugliang Al Huang

I did not really like the tai chi performances because it was slow but it went with the music. I liked the tango performance at the ending. It gave the audience the element of surprise because they cleared the stage, the music stopped, and we all thought the performance was over, but they surprised us with a tango performance.

Illini Strings

This was not a performance that we had to see in the class. I saw this performance because I missed the last two. This performance could have been better if the musician was more uniform. They did not look like a group/ team because of all the different colors on the stage

Campus and University Bands

This is another performance that was not required but I had to meet the class requirement of seeing eight performances. I did not really like this performance because of all of the running around between pieces. To make this performance better the conductor could have klep one person playing each instrument.

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