One Last Dance

Before the start

This is a night event that lets everybody dance. It starts rather late at 9:30 pm when I usually am going for a shower. Instead, I came to Krannert center to dance! For the dance, I even put on a T-shirt that I usually don’t wear. Oh, it’s not a special T-shirt or any sorts of it, it just that I don’t wear T-shirt a lot.

Light gets darker

When lights get darker and music begins to play, people get excited and several of them begin to dance. It amazes me that there are so many people come here for the dance! I have no idea how they know there’s a dance event, and I also don’t have any clue how they pull the event off and gather together to have fun! It actually reminds me of what one of the Krannert staff said during the tour: Krannert center is meant for letting people know where to go when they want an art event.


After the music gets louder and louder, almost all the people gets up and dance. I wish I could stay longer, but it was too late and too cold for me to get back to home. I hate ending-the end of semester; the end of the class; the end of college… Too much sentimental things for me to join this one last dance.

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