Final Reflection – Fengdeng Lyu

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This is the last semester for me. I’ll be graduating in less than one month. This is the last general education course I should take one campus. This is the last of everything.

It gets sentimental. Graduation? No, it feels like just one day ago that I stepped into college with the curious minding embracing everything. I imagined there’s unlimited possibility for me to discover and conquer. Now, in the end of everything, I realized things are different from what I thought in the way that I truly appreciate every adversary that ever happens to me.

I underestimated the importance of “choice” but stresses too much on the vitality of hard-work. Four years ago, fresh from high school where every path is clearly told and all you need to do is to work hard, I misunderstood what it takes to achieve “success” and even more, I didn’t have any idea what is “success”.

It’s undebatable that hard-working is an inevitable process of being “successful”, but what’s more important should be the open-minding heart that scrutinize things around you. People are taking diverse approach to move forward with their lives, and such diversity often takes the upper hand along one’s way to success.

Back to this class, I appreciate the opportunity to dive deeper into arts and everything around me. I was too focused on my major courses before that I didn’t have a chance to enjoy life, enjoy something that’s out of basic human instinct. I need to be a better human rather than an awesome engineer. A real person with a real life is what I need. I don’t really need to chase someone else’s life and try to be another legend that being remembered by people but being forsaken by rest of the world. It’s only a matter of choice, and I choose to HAVE A LIFE.

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