It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye…

Written By: Quintionna Parks

Farewell to FAA 110

FAA 110 has led me to some great performances. I was able to broaden my knowledge as well as my creativity in only one semester. I was given opportunities that aren’t easy to find on this campus. Every trip to Krannert Center for the Performing Arts was FREE, as well as entertaining. You can’t get that just anywhere. This class gave me the opportunity to see such a wide range of performances as well as artists. Everything that I experienced this semester will be remembered far beyond college. I may not have loved every single thing that we went to see; however, everything was a new and different experience that I will remember.

Overall, this semester has been pretty amazing. I loved being able to attend these events and experience some new things on campus. This was definitely a wind down type of class where you could just enjoy being in the space. I’ll miss FAA 110 and everyone in it.

The 8 Performances FAA 110 Attended Spring 2019

Amazed and Confused Jupiter String Quartet

This semester I was expecting some really diverse, and different performances than what I’ve seen before. Watching and listening to the String Quartet made me realize that I won’t understand every performance.

The Tragic Rape of Lucretia – The Rape Of Lucretia

To begin, this opera was really intense. The story began super confusing, but the longer I watched the more everything just clicked. It is definitely an opera that you have to be patient with to really get into it.

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

…an amazing play that shed light on what it was like to be on the Spectrum. The most intriguing part of the play was how there were characters/figures that were apart of Christopher’s mind. I loved how they gave us an image outside of the words…
DANCE! DANCE! DANCE! – Dorrance Dance

I came into this show unknowing of what it would bring other than tap dancing, and I came with this new found appreciation for the art.
Sounds of the Symphony – San Francisco Symphony

My favorite part was when the violins took over the pieces. I really like the sound of the violins over the other instruments, but I think when everything came together it sounded beautiful.
Weird and Interesting
The Boneyard Arts Festival: Colab Dance, Music, and Costume Performance

…really different from anything that I had seen before. To begin, it was inside of Krannert Center, but not in a theatre, just on the steps outside of Foellinger Great Hall.
Break-out Artist – Krannert Center Debut Artist

…way more simple than the other performances we’ve been to. However, it was pretty relaxing because it was just the one artist and then the piano playing.

The perfect way to close out the semester. The best place to mingle and get your body moving!

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