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By Annabelle Emuze

My semester spent in this course was definitely not what I was expecting, to say the least…

I’ve always enjoyed attending plays in my life. I actually used to be in the drama club when I was in elementary school, I competed in national poetry competitions in high school, and joined a spoken word performance organization in college – so the arts were certainly not new to me. (See photo below).

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National Poetry Out Loud Competition held in Washington, D.C.

What I didn’t realize about this class going in was that it wasn’t just plays, it was many different types of the arts – from symphonies, to jazz, even quantum physics. This was the part that forced me to adapt to a different style of performances that I typically wouldn’t otherwise listen to.

What I can say is that I am very happy I had this experience. If I was not in this class I probably would not have attended a single event at Krannert this semester. I love that I had the opportunity to experiences more of what this campus has to offer. Many students, minority students especially, are not given the exposure to the different types of events held on this campus that are actually covered by the tuition they pay. I know the Quantum Rhapsodies event was not part of the schedule of events for class, but if it wasn’t for that event I would have never stepped foot into the Beckmann Institute, such a great building so far from campus.

Of the following events my favorite was definitely the Curious Case of the Dog in the Nighttime. It was a play, which are my favorites, and on top of that the cast had such a Black Boy/Girl Magic presence that could not be ignored. In addition to that it combined images of the galaxy along with acting and narration which altogether was so great to experience.

Overall, I really enjoyed being able to attend these events. Unfortunately, as a senior who is preparing to enter law school while trying to graduate while also working part-time, I did not have the time I thought I would to be able to attend all of the events or even all of the classes. This semester has certainly been extremely demanding from me and I wish I did have more time to attend more plays at Krannert. I was very happy to have a class led by two Black professors – surprisingly this was the first course I’ve completed at this school with a Black professor, so two was amazing. I’m happy to share that I will be beginning law school in the fall at Howard University School of Law and I am very excited to have this experience. This class has taught me something that I will take with me to Howard – to be sure I keep an open mind and to be sure to try my best in experiencing all of what the institution has to offer.

Remaining events attended

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