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By: Jeffery Berry

This semester has been very fun and intriguing. It was a pleasure to be apart of the Krannert center atmosphere over the last few months. When I first signed up for this class, I knew we were going to spend a lot of time at Krannert, but I didn’t know that I would be experiencing performances that were once in a lifetime.

Jupiter String Quartet

This was my first performance at Krannert that I attended. I really enjoyed watching the performers practice Tai Chi on stage alongside the musicians.

The Rape Of Lucretia

This was my second event at Krannert. This opera was astounding to watch. It really showed how one’s jealousy can lead to a series of destruction, even amongst the closest of friends.

The Curious Incident

This was one of my favorite plays that I have ever been able to witness. The curiosity of one unorthodox pre-teen leads to him finding out more truths than he may have expected to find. This play is comical, yet extremely powerful about a young man growing up and witnessing the rocky relationship between his biological parents.

The Dorrance Dance

This dance was an amazing performance. It consisted of mainly tap dancing, but also included other forms, such as street/Hip-Hop dancing. The dancers flowed with each other, and danced confidently. They danced freely and synced back together so effortlessly. I really enjoyed this performance.

The San Francisco Symphony

This event contained the biggest orchestra I had ever seen. There were multiple violinist, bassists, percussionists, etc. It was very amusing to hear how they harmonized with one another. The dynamics and overall stage presence by the orchestra was strong.

Andersson Dance and Scottish Ensemble

This event was the funniest event I had ever attended at the Krannert center. The dancers moved around hysterically as the violinist played their musical pieces. They used props and danced with each other. The dancers changed the pace and style of their dances throughout the performance. These changes were numbered “variations.” This show definitely had the audience entertained with non-stop laughter.

Saxophonist: Wilson Poffenberger

This event was the debut of saxophonist: Wilson Poeffenberger. This performance helped celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Krannert center. During this performance, Wilson and a pianist played musical pieces to an audience that sat on stage with them as they played. This event was very nice and peaceful.

The Final Dance

The last event I attended at Krannert was not a play, nor an opera, nor an orchestra. This event did not take place in any of the many theaters inside of Krannert. This event was a great dance in the main lobby of KPAC. There was loud music and dancing all night. My teachers, as well a classmates participate in the festivities. This was a very relaxed event to be yourself around your peers. It was great to see so many people come out and enjoy themselves before the semester ends.

This class was very different from the classes I’ve taken on campus. It was great have the opportunity to be inside of Krannert and see plays/performances. I’m aware that not many UIUC students are given this chance. I am glad that I happened to be one that did. I would recommend this class to anyone and everyone who loves creativity and theatre. This class is definitely for you.

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