The Last Show

By Claudia Johnson

A makeup event that changed my life.

Photo by Claudia Johnson

So unfortunately due to illness, I was unable to attend the last Krannert event. Instead, I am writing about my experience with Spring Jam. Spring Jam is the annual free concert on the quad, this year it was Lil Yachty. Because I am the president of Star Course, this was technically one of the shows my organization helped plan. Because of this, I got to work the show and had an amazing time.

Photo by Claudia Johnson

I got to see the whole entire behind the stage production. That is my favorite part of working concerts! I love learning about how everything comes together. Even waiting for Lil Yachty’s pizza he ordered from Blaze.

I was really lucky to get to meet him too. It was a very quick moment right before he went on stage but it was still nice. I loved the experiences that UIUC brought me and this was definitely one of the best!

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