The End of the Show

By Claudia Johnson

My experience in this class is something I will never forget.

Even though I was unable to attend every event we had, the ones I did get to see were amazing and made my semester. I loved getting the chance to start out my week every Monday being creative and talking about artists. Here are some of the shows I did get to see.

Photo by Claudia Johnson

Jupiter String Quartet.

Photo by Claudia Johnson

The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time

Photo by Claudia Johnson

Dorrance Dance

Photo by Claudia Johnson

Krannert 50th Anniversary Celebration

Besides these events, I also got the opportunity to see another performance of Professor Brights, as well as the chance to blog about two concerts I attended. I love this class because event though it was designed to have students attend Krannert events, the professors still focused on any creative event and encouraged students to attend things they were interested in.

I really wish I could have attended more Krannert events but it was hard because of my job. I am grateful for the privilege of getting to experience more of the arts that this class gave me. I will now recommend this class to everyone!

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