Pat Metheny Rocked the House

The stage before Metheny and his companions took command of it

Pat Metheny left the crowd in the Tyron Festival Theater Room in awe during and after his performance on September 6th, 2019.

Written by Catherine Webber

As a part of the 2019 Ellnora Guitar Festival at the Krannert Center, Pat Metheny performed on Friday, September 6th to a crowd who left feeling amazed by Metheny’s talent. Metheny was joined on stage by a pianist and drummer who added to the electricity of the concert. The other musicians were much younger than the sixty-five-year-old Metheny and Metheny commented at the start of the concert that their age made them make and understand music differently than he did which he appreciated so much. It was a concert that people will not likely forget anytime soon.

The outside of the Krannert Center all lit up for the ELLNORA Guitar Festival

Before attending this concert I had googled Pat Metheny to get myself acquainted with what type of concert I was attending and I read about the custom 42 string guitar that he played, and I was hoping that he would bring it out. I was very happy when he did just that during the concert, but I was not expecting to hear what sounds came from this instrument. I was delighted by the various beautiful sounds that came from Metheny playing this guitar, at points it sounded like he was playing a harp and at others, it sounded like a bongo from the way he was hitting it. Metheny seemed like he was in another world while playing this guitar and it was a privilege to be able to see and hear it in person.

What I liked most about this event was definitely the energy that was in the room while Metheny and the other musicians on stage were playing. Though I was not really aware of Metheny or his work before the concert, I could tell that many people in the audience were ardent fans of his just from hearing how excited everyone was and how busy the merchandise table was before the concert. It was exciting to be a part of that night and witness how eager Metheny’s fans were to hear him play which made my expectations grow, and I have to say they were undoubtedly met. I also really enjoyed the music that came from the pianist and drummer that joined Metheny on stage. I did not even know Metheny was going to be joined on stage so that was a very nice surprise. They added more energy and sound to the night that made it so much more memorable. The three men on stage didn’t even seem like they were working, it seemed as if they were just friends who were jamming together and having a great time making music. I never knew jazz music could be so entertaining, I usually say I don’t like jazz; however, that has surely changed! I had an amazing time at this jazz concert and would recommend Pat Metheny to anyone who asked for some new music recommendations!

Maybe Metheny’s 42 string guitar, or one of his many other guitars, was held in this case!

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