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Opening night party at Krannert Center in 2019 with Toko Telo, Bombine, and Samantha Fish with Luther Dickinson.

Wai Chuen Chan

The Krannert Center’s 2019-20 Opening Night Party with the return of ELLNORA|The Guitar Festival held on Thursday, September 05. Exceptional musicians of Toko Telo, Andy Baylor, Bombino, Reverend Robert, and Samantha Fish with Luther Dickinson united as one to bring joy to all the music lovers. Plentiful food and drink from Siam Terrace, Jet’s Pizza, Wood N’ Hog, Rick’s Bakery, and Caribbean Grill to ease your hunger.

Toko Telo performed in the Amphltheatre.

Before arriving to the Opening Night Party, I thought it would be more like a open day or tour trip within the Krannert Center. It completely shocked my mind when I first witnessed the party with my own eyes. I could hear songs and music traveled through air meters away. People were enjoying music with food and drink in their hands. It truly is one of the big event you must go if you want to get rid of your daily boring routine.

An artist drawing a huge painting with colorful crayons.

I stopped my feet at where this amazing artist were drawing his painting on the floor. With crayons and the floor as his draw board, he managed to structure a large piece of works about a man playing with his guitar. I could feel the wild and unrestrained of the man in the painting from the blue color theme. It is really talented to draw such a big art with his creativity.

Bombino performed at Foellinger Great Hall inside Krannert Center.
P.S. I wish I had recorded longer.

Stepping into the Krannert Center, you would immediately attract by the music playing by Bombino. Big crowd was surrounding the stage as Bombino was playing their sizzling set of tichumaren. He says of his Sahara homeland that “sound and music there carries a power with it, so you get the feeling when you’re holding an instrument in your hand and playing it, you’re completing a picture that was otherwise incomplete” (The New York Times). It really is. Listening to his music, my body could not help waving like any others who was listening. You can tell his soul was all with the guitar music when he was dancing around with it.

Throughout this unforgettable experience, I once again amazed by how music can gather people around. ELLNORA|The Guitar Festival and the Opening Night Party is a must go event if you enjoy music. And who doesn’t. You want food and drink? They do! You want music? They do! You want games and fun? They even have free face painting and free souvenir! Why say no to these!!!

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