First Night at Krannert

An introductory experience to UIUC’s beloved performing arts center via the Ellnora Festival.

Extra Credit by Allison Spillane

A band setup for the exciting Ellnora Festival

I was very excited to be invited by my FAA 110 professors to this event. To get a lay of such a wonderful performance venue brimming with passion is always a fun experience. The turnout for the opening of the Guitar Fest truly shows how many people out there truly support the arts!

A lovely face painting area for young and old alike!!

I was not disappointed by this event in the slightest. In fact, it exceeded my expectations. My favorite part would have to be the general energy of a Krannert Festival. I have always been partial to events like this, with tons of people all enjoying themselves, the scent of great food wafting through the air, and tons of talented musicians to stop and listen to for a while. This was by far an exception to that preference.

A delightful set by Toko Telo

When it comes to artists that performed at the event, I would have to admit that I am rather fond of Toko Telo. I had never heard of the Madagascar-based group before that night, but I am unlikely to forget the name! There is something special about music in where, even if you don’t understand the language of the lyrics, you can still feel the soul of the song. The lead singer of the group introduced each song and the topic of its lyrics before each piece, and it was always astounding to me how I didn’t need that introduction to absorb the emotions of the song. Listening to their music in the fair weather of the amphitheater as the sun set was a treat I refuse to take for granted.

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