Chris Botti – The Trumpet Master!

Chris Botti performed a series of Jazz with his band at Night in Krannert Center.

Wai Chuen Chan

On September 14, Chris Botti featuring Lee Pearson, Reggie Hamilton, Leonardo Amuedo, Holger Marjamaa, Andy Snitzer, Anastasiia Mazurok, Sy Smith, and Rafael Moras, performed a series of Jazz music including Botti’s album with diverse musical instruments at Tryon Festival Theatre in Krannert Center.

Tryon Festival Theatre in Krannert Center.

Attended the very first performance this semester, I am already impressed. I called Chris Botti The Trumpet Master. As he was performing with other musicians, he would keep interacting with them, and keep eye contact with them. He made his trumpet music flowed into the song perfectly without being too prominent or too mediocre. He controlled the strength of his breathe through the trumpet, from a intense music with Andy Snitzer who plays saxophone to a quite music with Leonardo Amuedo who plays guitar.

Chris Botti and Anastasiia Mazurok performing on stage.

Chris Botti is also a great performer. Beside his outstanding trumpet music, he also interacted with the audience to enlighten the atmosphere throughout the theatre. In between each song he played, he would talk to audience and explained the story behind the song. He was often humorous and made the whole experience very relaxed and enjoyable. And when Chris Botti was performing with Sy smith, the vocals with her powerful voice, they went offstage and interacted with the audience, giving a close up view for the audience. They each stepped at the side of the stairs, making a distance between them. During this performance, I felt they were talking to each other using her voice and his trumpet music. It made the audience listened more deeply to what they were saying.

Lee Pearson and Reggie Hamilton performing on stage.

Throughout the experience, all artist showed what they are capable to do with their musical instrument, and they were all insanely good. But when it comes to my favorite part, it has to be Lee Pearson with his drum. He was outstanding with his drum skill. You can tell he put his soul to his drum, and union as one with the music. Not mentioning his fast rate of drum hitting skill, he would crossed his hand behind his back and continued playing. And when all the audience has already amazed by his skill and his level, he threw up his drumsticks and played with his bare hands. All the audience could not help themselves to clamor their excited voice.

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