Mid-Autumn Festival Brightens up the UIUC Campus

Hundreds gather for a celebration of Asian culture at The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Written by Edward Huang

People line up for food at the celebration

On Friday, September 13, students from all over UIUC gathered on the main quad to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. The Mid Autumn Festival is a holiday that originated in ancient China. It is a celebration of the Lunar New Year, because Chinese culture placed heavy emphasis on the moon in their culture. The event, however, was hosted by the Vietnamese Student Association and was open to the public. Guests were able to enjoy cultural performances as well as food from different Asian backgrounds.

Guests of all ages and cultures were able to enjoy the event

The performance lineup included dance showcases from Asian fraternities and sororities on campus as well as instrumental and vocal performances from students. In my opinion, this was a great demonstration that the students had not forgotten the culture of their ancestors and were willing to take it upon themselves to express it. Because the performances were open to the public, people from all cultures and backgrounds were able to pay a visit. They made a circle around the performers to create an inclusive environment and to make sure that there was no one left out. This was perhaps the most unique quality of the performances. The audience was able to stand at the same level as the performers, and that brought on a sense of togetherness.

The audience formed a circle around the performance area

I had the pleasure of performing myself, playing the guitar as accompaniment to my friend’s singing. It was a special experience to look at the event from a performer’s point of view. I felt accepted and appreciated, especially because everyone was giving off happy vibes while enjoying good food. All in all, the celebration was a success. I hope that I can perform again next year.

My performance with my friend

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