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A “magical” performance

Climax of Colweel Playhouse

Home, a magical performance, is the special one from many shows that I saw before. Also, this show was added to my favorite list for performance. The Home is unique, real, funny, and surprise to me. It started kind of weird or peculiar. In my opinion, this is smart, because it can catch the audience’s attention and increase their interest in this show. At the beginning of the show, one of the main characters started to build a plank with no talking. It is quiet during that period; we even get confused. Is the show started yet? After a few minutes, people realized that this performance is similar to Charlie Chaplin’s silent films that there is no talking, and it is a visual speaking. People will get the point by the body movement and their facial action. Not only it is a visual talking, but also it is conjuring. There was one scene that an adult is sleeping with a white sheet in a bed. A second later, the man becomes a child. It is amazing.

The show is about to start

This is a well down performance. Firstly, there are no gaps between the audiences and the characters. In the second half of the show, there are at least fifteen audiences on the stage; they do not know anything about the show. The characters teach them how to act while they are acting. It is crazy and unexpectedly, and it works well.

Secondly, it is real. The setting for this show is a house. Moreover, there is a family lives there. Everything you did in your own house, these characters played in the show showering, cooking, and decorate the house; they even showed the morning time when people almost run out of time for work or school. It is an excellent idea, because it can resonate with the audience. The audience can think that they are one of the characters on the stage, because it is similar to their personal life.

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