From House to Home

Geoff Sobelle’s Home captures the audience’s hearts.

written by  Allison Spillane

Future members of Geoff Sobelle’s Home

Not going to lie, Friday was a weird day. By the time the show rolled around, I truly did NOT want to leave my dorm room. I was dreading going to Krannert and sitting through a show that would certainly run past my bedtime. I can’t express how grateful I am that I went. It is rare that you get to experience so emotionally moving and entertaining as Home was for me. 

The house that was used to create the Home.

The setpieces in Home were amazing. The bare-bones set allowed for both the most amazing quick changes and swaps I have seen in a play to date, but was also beautifully simple. This also applies to the costumes and props, but everything was beautifully mundane. Simple, normal object that one would see in their own home allowed the audience to both understand what was going on, but also replace the set with imagery and emotions of their own homes in their minds. The props at the party scene was also used in a way to create a busy and colorful scene to build a sense of excitement and interest.

Our beloved FAA 110 professor recalling her own childhood home.

Other than the items used for Home, I would say the most amazing aspect of the show was the interactions with the crowd. Whether you or someone you know was pulled onto stage, you were offered food or drink, or you helped to decorate the theater for the party at the end, the actors made sure to make you feel like you were part of the show. You were part of that Home. In this way, the emotional ties to the home of the stage became integral to each audience member. 

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