Eric Andre Leaves Little to the Imagination

A blurry Andre on stage at the Canopy Club Saturday, September 28th.

Eric Andre his entire audience captivated and wanting more at Canopy Club with his visionary humor.

Written by Catherine Webber

As part of his Legalize Everything tour, and as an act of the Pygmalion Festival, comedian Eric Andre played at Canopy Club this past Saturday to a crowd of very enthusiastic fans, and these fans were not disappointed. Once I saw that Andre would be part of the Pygmalion Festival I quickly texted my brother to see if he would make the journey from Chicago to join me in the crowd, and he very eagerly told me that he would and couldn’t wait. Andre is known for his off the wall and oftentimes absurd talk show on Adult Swim, and this stand up was definitely reminiscent of the farcical show.

My brother and I got to Canopy Club a little before the doors opened, around 10:30 pm on Saturday, and the line to get in was already around the block. It was very obvious to us then that this was not going to be a small show, but that it was going to be packed of college undergrads who were eager to see the very entertaining Andre. I had never been to Canopy Club before, and I was very impressed by the size of it and though the line was around the corner, me and my brother were able to get great seats and still see Andre perform perfectly.

Outside the Canopy Club, before the performance began

The next day talking to my brother we both said that we didn’t remember every joke Andre said, but we did remember laughing so hard. There really wasn’t a dull moment during the show, Andre had great momentum throughout his entire set and was even able to improv with the audience at times. I would have to say that one of the funniest moments of the show was when he invited two audience members on stage to take part in a ‘ranch challenge’ where they had to compete in drinking an entire bottle of ranch before the other. It was absurd, gross, and hilarious. Andre is known for stripping down on his show and he finally gave the audience what they wanted after the ranch battle as he stripped while the ranch challenge champion performed an impromptu freestyle rap. I swear it is not as weird as it sounds.

Two audience members competing to finish a bottle of ranch first (I have a video but it’s not supported here)

I think Andre also knew, as he was performing on a college campus, that there would be oung students in the crowd and he took time to use his comedy to inform. At one point in the show, he used his jokes to poke fun at the current political climate as well as the impeachment trial against Donald Trump. Andre also spoke out against how people tend to be very politically correct in 2019 as he is someone who pushes the boundaries and doesn’t adhere to that sentiment.

All in all, Andre performed an amazing comedy show and my brother and I both said that we would pay any amount in order to see him again. I would say everyone in their lifetime should either watch his show or see him live because it really gives you the opportunity to sit back and just laugh at some silly stuff.

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