‘Home’ Away From Home

Written by Ashleigh Cox

In Colwell Playhouse at Krannert Center for the Performing Arts, Geoff Sobelle’s Home captivated the audience on Friday night. The play brought together theater, illusions, and some impressive engineering for the set that was used. The performance pressed the audience to consider the true meaning of a home as we watched the lives of several characters play out in one space.

The set itself was quite impressive as it progressed in development throughout the show. At the start, it was a simple frame covered by some plastic. From there, a bed, lamp, and door appeared and the illusions began when a middle-aged man pulled the covers over his head and then an older woman pulled them back down. The set grew as a wall, staircase, and the second level with three rooms were added on top of it. Furniture created a kitchen, bedroom, study, and bathroom out of nothing at all. As final pieces of decoration, there were pictures put on the wall and lights were strung from the upper level.

The play told the story of several different people who lived in the home. There was a young child with his parents, two women who each lived by themselves, and a man who lived on his own. The characters took on different roles as the story was told, going from friends to spouses to parents. The characters ran around the set frantically, each trying to live their own lives around each other but without acknowledging the other people. All the while, the older woman is calmly sipping her coffee by herself.

At the end of the play, the set was torn down by the construction workers. The audience members that were pulled on stage had packed clothes, pictures, and props into cardboard boxes and were told to think about their homes. As they did this, I started to feel the way I did when I left to come to college. Home means more to me than just a place; it also means the people that make me feel safe.

Home was a very funny, comical play that was full of chaos and milestones, but it was also a very sentimental piece that reminded me of what home truly means.

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