The Rate of Art over Time

Written by César Díaz Blanco

Warming up our Orientation Skills

Thanks to Jennifer Monson and her knowledge of biology and dance I learned a new means of experiencing and connecting with the art at the Krannert Art Museum. Even though I have been to the KAM three times, the crafts in it are still fascinating: new details emerge and give the art a new meaning or context.

The workshop began with a brief speech about her work on patterns of migration of sea animals, birds, and more. She then conducted us to the garden, where we warmed up by using our orientation skills. It was really interesting to see all the different direction in which we oriented when asked to point at our homes, there was no pattern at all.

Once inside, we headed to the Revealing Presence: Women in Architecture gallery, a compelling exposition which uses data visualization to better understand the participation of women in Architecture. I was very fortunate to be in two groups for this workshop.

Arrangement by Bradley Walker Tomlin

In the first half of the workshop my partner was Amy, the curator of Modern and Contemporary Art. I am glad I got to meet her as out of all the galleries, the Modern and Contemporary Art gallery is my favorite one. We selected the painting Arrangement by Bradley Walker Tomlin.

The layers, lines and circular shapes captivated both of us. We thought about what it would be to travel between layer to layer, go from a black line to a curved red line and then to the multidimensional shape in the center. At the end of the fifteen minutes we concluded that the arrangement of the geometric figures and the colors of the painting had a loosening purpose. The first “floor” or lounge of the painting is hectic and full of 90 degrees angles, as we rise in the painting curvier lines and lighter colors start to appear, finally in the upper level there are no more compartmentalized sections and colors start to mix. She had to leave for another event for her FAA 110 class, but I didn’t waste the opportunity of letting her know she had done a great job by selecting the art in the gallery.

General Studies by Stuart Davis

Fortunately, I was able to join another group, this time I had to move my head upside-down. The painting was General Studies by Stuart Davis. Even though, I didn’t have enough time for connecting with the painting, the previous orientation exercises helped me look at the painting from different perspectives. By seeing myself in the paintings, I related myself to them in a more thorough way than the other times I had been to the KAM.

End of the workshop

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