Written by: Benjamin Tan

Crowd getting pumped up during the FYG U Music Film Festival

This post is the make-up event for the Jennifer Monson Dance on the 3 Oct 2019.

I attended the FYG U Music Film Festival and the one huge surprising thing is that all the tickets were free! No charges at all. I immediately signed up for the festival and it was really an eye-opener for me.

Totally free of charge ticket to the festival.

When I entered the festival at about 9:00pm and walked closer to the main stage I could feel the bass resounding from the top of my head to the soles of my feet. It was as though the music was in me.

As I approached the crowd, hands were in the air moving in syncopation to the beat, people were bouncing up and down to the beat, literally, everyone was grooving to the beat. Personally, I do not dance well but seeing everyone having such a good time, the music in me just took over and I myself started jumping to the beat too.

Tripple Red engaging the audience to move their hands left to right.

One huge eye-opener was when Tripple Redd sang a certain song, about 5 Americans opened up a huge circle in the middle and you would not believe what happen next…

It was a DANCE OFF!

Everyone dancing on the dance floor regardless of race, size or gender.

What I love about it, was that anyone could go to the middle and dance despite their race, size or gender. Everyone was just cheering for one another and having a good time.

Apart from the audience, the rapper, Tripple Redd was really spontaneous and engaging to the crowd. He will ask the crowd to echo after him. It will something like that:


Tripple Red: TRIPPLE!!!


Tripple Red: TRIPPLE!!!


He also got everyone to sing acapella to his songs and just hearing the crescendo and echo of the crowd was really spectacular. It gives such a chemistry between the crowd itself and Tripple Red too.

The genre of music was hip-hop and it was really catered to the crowd as everyone was familiar to the song and singing along to it. Personally, I do not listen to hip-hop but after the festival, I now appreciate it more.

The set up for the stage was marvelous, the sound system was so loud but so clear. The lights used were vibrant colors such as bright red, light blue, yellow and light green. The colors create a vibrant and energetic atmosphere. Furthermore, there was the smoke machine that was used very timely which were at the end of the song or to hype up the crowd.

Overall, it was a real eye-opener for me to attend a music festival and in particular to the music genre of hip-hop.

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