An exploration of the African Diaspora-makeup assignment

Written by Bria Thurman

African culture does not only exist within the continent of Africa’s border but across the world.
This was my favorite

On October 24th I went to the Krannert Art Museum and listened to an art talk about the African diaspora. Allyson Purpura is the curator of the exhibit and we explored the use of language and religion as artistry. She first explained what the African diaspora was and how we exist in almost all continents more specifically those involved with the slave trade. This was an interesting seminar of sorts to be able to sit in on.

This is a dance wand celebrating one of the Orisha.

In the artwork, Purpura first showed us religious artifacts and how they are still being produced today from different aspects of the culture. The religious artifacts she showed us were dance wands and they were all used to represent different Orisha which are the deities of the Yoruba people who are based out of Nigeria. One of the religious staffs had been made recently and was actually bought online and it was from people of the diaspora from Cuba.

This came from a Cuban community in San Francisco.

We also looked at some of the artwork that used language. One of the artworks used Amharic script the national language of Ethiopia. Some of those were the ones I considered to be the most beautiful of the exhibit. This was an enjoyable event and I plan to go back and view the artwork more diligently.

These are artworks that use calligraphy and come from the Djawartou.

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