Written by Nicole Miao

The Four Italian Tenors’ Curtain call

When I stepped into Foellinger Great Hall, I found that most of the audience were the elderly, and they were talking with excitement or quietly browsing the playlist. It was my first live listening to the tenor concert. No matter how many live songs I’ve heard on TV or on my phone, I was really shocked by the powerful sound pressure of The Four Italian Tenors when I heard it on the spot. To describe it, the feeling was that the sound clung to my brain from all sides, so that I could not help but sighed “OMG” again and again.

Since they were all tenors, the difference was not obvious when the Four Italian Tenors sang harmonies, but I gradually found that each of them had their own voices. Alessandro D’Acrissa’s voice was like a knight who stabbed a sword and cut through the sky. The tone was very bright, leaving me a sense of energy and courage. The voices of Federico Serra and Federico Parisi were very similar, but there still existed subtle differences. Serra’s voice was like a timpani, which sank and made people feel at ease. Parisi’s voice was like a large clock in the bell tower. Audience were surrounded by his singing and the echo was also very clear. It was worth noting that he was highly skilled in controlling over his sound since his weak voice singing was very delicate. Roberto Cresca was my favorite. His voice was gentle and pure, just like jade, and very narrative as well. As long as he started to sing, it would always let me enter the scene at once.

Waiting for the opening

The Four Italian Tenors sang a total of 23 classic Italian songs, many of which I was familiar with, including “Caruso” “Volare” “La Danza” “La Donna è Mobile” from Rigoletto “Torna a Surriento” “Funiculi, Funicula” “Nessun Dorma” “O Sole Mio” and Encore song “Brindisi” (Drinking Song) from La Traviata. In particular, they also led all the audience to sing “Volare” together, and succeeded in creating a more active atmosphere inside the hall, which added a sense of interaction to the concert, not just singers standing on the stage in a row singing to the audience.


Finally, audience all boiled and the mood was festive when The Four Italian Tenors sang the drinking song at encore, which continued until the curtain call. I repeated the songs on the playlist on my way back. In that way, I could recall the singing of The Four Italian Tenors, which was a wonderful music feast.

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