[EXTRA CREDIT] A Sense of Period

Written by Nicole Miao

When I was browsing through the museum, I saw a lot of impressive works of art, such as sculptures of different figures in Europe, and costumes and decorations from Asia. I stopped when I saw a tobacco pot that was not eye-catching but reminded me of lots of stories about my grandfather.

Viewed the tobacco pot from the front

The tobacco pot was blue-black, small and very delicate. My grandfather also had a similar tobacco pot. He liked smoking very much, but I have never seen him using that tobacco pot because he always put the tobacco pot in the cupboard. My grandfather’s hobby was collecting. I wanted to observe the details of the tobacco pot, which would help me to better explore my grandfather’s inner world and know why he liked to collect.

After repeatedly looking at the tobacco pot closely at various angles, I found that it didn’t have a gorgeous color, but it was more resistant to dirt and met the needs of use. The concept of design was very strong and people would not feel any inconvenience when using it. The inner beauty of the tobacco pot actually far exceeded its appearance, and it had both practicality and collection value.

Viewed the tobacco pot from the top

There was no obvious scratches or damage on the surface of the tobacco pot, so I guess it should be shipped here more smoothly. It was very likely that a collector who loved collecting antiques bought it and placed it in this museum. Anyway, it was very lucky to see such a tobacco pot with oriental characteristics here.

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