Jazz at the Lincoln Center

By Luke Garza


This performance had both solo and group parts. Throughout the many pieces, one particular artist would stand up and perform a part of the song on their own. I think these decisions would highlight specific parts of the songs, giving them better emphasis overall. The group parts felt powerful due to the sheer volume of the performers. The solo parts emphasized a particular instrument/sound and highlighted the individual artist’s skill.

Compared to Chris Botti, I believe there was a better variety of instruments and artists. I believe Chris Botti meant to show off more of his skills as an expert trumpet player, while at this performance, the purpose was mostly to highlight the talent of the group. In Chris Botti’s case, the majority of the show was dominated by the sound of his trumpet, he almost drowned out the other artists. The Jazz band however worked as more of a unit to put on more of a grand performance. Even when the trumpet players did play, they did not drown out the rest of the band.

The part of the performance that stood out the most to me was whenever one of the players stood up to perform a solo. Standing up really provided a great visual as to where the music was coming from and who was playing at that point in time. In addition to this, the audience would applaud anytime someone was to stand up. This performance was more of all the performers lifting each other up to an even higher level of greatness.

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