[Makeup] Illinois Wind Symphony

By Luke Garza


The Illinois Wind Symphony performed at the Foellinger Great Hall, fully dressed in costume to capture the Halloween spirit. They all dressed up for the occasion, and they all had amazing costumes. In particular, I really loved the costume of the guy who dressed as Ness from Earthbound.

I’d say the highlight of the day was the Saxophone quartet. They played about 4 pieces supported by the main band while really showcasing their talent. They really made their presence know through their volume, their synchronization, their demeanor, and even their matching suits. There was on bit in particular, they each played a part of the piece perfectly flowing from one solo to another, never missing a beat. Truly a showcase of talent and skill with their instruments. The fact that they had the entire band supporting them only strengthened their performance.

Overall, I have to say that this was the event that I personally enjoyed the most. I loved their costumes, the pieces they played, and I felt as if I was able to better connect with them as they are my peers. Something about people of my age succeed and prosper definitely helped to form a better connection with the performers. I think what really solidified this was being able to talk to them after the show, and hear what they had to say about how they did and just telling them how amazing they played. I cannot recommend seeing them in concert enough, It truly was an incredible experience.

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