You Like Jazz?

The crowd was buzzing for Wynton Marsalis’  jazz performance.

written by:Allison Spillane

An excited crowd floods the entrance to Foellinger!

Jazz music makes me think of one thing: my late grandfather. I hear a band play and I can practically feel the wind on my face as we sit with our family out by the river. To me, jazz and big band music will always hold a fond place in my heart, and this experience outdid itself in that department. Wynton Marsalis and his ensemble members each brought so much to this performance in their own ways, creating one amazing performance. All the better to share with friends.

My friend Sean with our many tickets to see the show!

While the audience was filled with friends and family, the audience also got the sense that the stage was filled with friends as well. Each musician was allotted solos to truly display their talent, and specifically acknowledged for their achievements in a familial encouraging way. All the musicians seemed to truly enjoy what they were doing, and seemed to like the people they were playing with. When each solo ended it masterful reign, the group would come crashing back in to resume the beautiful collaboration. 

Foellinger set up for an amazing performance.

Those were probably the most hitting moments for me, when one master of the craft had just finished this astounding, moving solo and the rest of the band rose up again to meet them. The transition from one melody to a synergy of sounds and effort created such an amazing feeling. 

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