Jazz: For the Young and Old 🎫

Written by Bria Thurman

It was so many people and I had gotten there late so I was not sure if I was going to make it😬
An easygoing night with an extremely large turnout.

This performance had to be the most relaxing of all of the performances I have attended. I actually enjoyed this performance but it reminded me that Jazz just isn’t my music. I do enjoy it in a way but it is the type of enjoyment that makes you tired. Kind of like Thanksgiving food, you really enjoy it but if you eat it all of the time you would never make it through the day- or your favorite jeans but that may just be me.

I was somewhat disappointed there was only one woman within the ensemble. Music is one of the many male-dominated industries.

I really want to give a most honorable mention to the trumpets. I was just so blown away by the performance with the added seasoning the trumpet section brought in. Also with the solos, it brightens the performance and made the performance move differently in my ears. The solos were bright and the ensemble was mellow. They were the perfect mixture and it was delightful to listen to.

There were SO MANY people. There was a line past 730 I am sure.

The most interesting moment for me was when they performed a Miles Davis song. I, unfortunately, missed the name of the song. It was quite long but it was a good song to close the first half with. It was really enjoyable to kind of close your eyes and see where it was going. The name Miles Davis rings a bell in my ear because I have been told he is from my home town Alton, Il. There is a statue and the whole deal downtown.

Overall, I truly enjoyed the night and I have no complaints for a chill fall Friday night πŸ‚

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