Wynton Marsalis and His ensemble

Jake Xiao

Before the Performance

Jazz was developed by African Americans and influenced by both European harmonic structure and African rhythms. Jazz was partially from blues, which is a music genre and used to be called Jass. Modern Jazz player, Wynton Marsalis, and his remarkable ensemble are one of the top Jazz band.

Audiences prepared to take seats

Last week Marsalis and his versatile ensemble did an excellent show in Krannert Center. Foellinger are packed with people. Everyone is ready to listen to the beautiful music from Marsalis’ band. This performance is one hour and 50 minutes. It is a mix with ensemble playing and solo showcases. And there are not in order. The first one is ensemble playing, maybe the next one is solo or still is ensemble playing. The audience does not know the songs list. This is smart because it can increase audience interest. It is like a Christmas gift. You do not know what is in the box until you open it to see if you like it or not. At this time, you will never felt tired. Same with the performance. This setting can make sure the audience keep focus on this excellent performance.

Musical Instruments

There is a moment in the performance that stood out for me. It is a saxophone solo. It gave me a significant impact on how well he did. Because I am a saxophone player, I know how hard is that song. His overblow and portamento are nearly perfect that need much time to practice. When he played on the stage, I can tell that my finger also was automatically moving like I am also playing the saxophone. That was my favorite moment during the performance. Wynton Marsalis and the other 15 jazz world’s most excellent soloists gave us a remarkable performance; these would be a great memory for me. 

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