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Wild Tiger, the most abundant species among the Felidae, is an endangers species now. Deke Weaver, a writer-performer, designer, theater, and media artist, traveled to central India’s Pench National Park, which is one of India’s last sanctuaries for wild tigers and many other areas, such as the edge of the Bay of Bengal. After these travel experiences, Deke Weaver build a performance that shows a connection between animals and people.


In this performance, Weaver used different strategies, such as Video, games, and Storytelling, to show the relationship between humans and tigers. For example, Weaver used video to show his journey in Pench National Park; while the video is playing, he recorded the sound at the same time. Presenting different characters, one of the Strategies that Weaver used in the show, gave me a significant impact. The reason is that it can grab the audience’s attention and enrich the performance by add another character.

This performance also had a theme of home. The entire performance is talking about how he tried to find the tiger and their habitat. This performance is not only about tiger; it also has a connection to some significant issues, such as environmental issues and political issues. It is worth to see this performance.    


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