The Complexities of a Home [Make-Up]

Written by Raymond Diaz

Home, by Geoff Sobelle, is a captivating performance partnered with illusion and intricate engineering that builds a house right before your eyes and shows the complexities of what it is like for people living like anyone else. Through this there was relatability and allowed the audience to experience the questions of what is home and when do we know it is a home?

Ticket for Home

The stage was set up strategically so as to be able to pull off the various lighting illusions they presented in order to construct and transfer the various parts that went into designing the home. At the beginning we are met with a middle-aged man who builds the scaffolding for what will be the walls of his small house, covering it in plastic to then serve as what will be the walls, but then shortly after we find that a couple of construction workers walk into frame and tear it down. From here they set up a large piece of plastic that streams from top to bottom of the stage and the lights begin to brighten in specific areas such as the lamps, the windows, tvs, etc. and suddenly we see the outlines of furniture, walls, and finally they brighten and we see a house.

The lights hitting center stage for Home

From here on out we begin to focus more on the characters of the performance and we find that through the various experiences they go through such as getting a new job, losing your job, finding new roommates, going to a funeral, and graduating, they begin to become closer to one another and form relationships with one another, and through these events and experiences we see the house transform into a home.

The audience helping to set lights up for the party

Towards the end we see that a big party is thrown and the performers bring up some of the audience members in order to interact with one another and we find that it is easy to bring people in and communicate with each other. Afterwards they had two members of the audience describe what their homes were like growing up and shared experiences with the audiences to help convey the purpose of the play. Overall the performance brought many complexities both with the lighting illusions and showing what it means to have a home.

The party bringing the audience members up to participate in Home

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