Nature of Forgetting

Jake Xiao


The Natural of Forgetting, a show currently in the UK and around the world, is performed in Krannert center. The Natural of Forgetting talks about the story of Tom, a father who is struggling in the early stages of dementia with many early life memories, such as schools, graduation, weddings, daughter’s birth.

Ten mintues before the show

This is a well down performance, all the actors did an excellent job in this show, and the sound and light are perfect tonight. The sound and light impact me the most. During the performance, many memories happened in the present. The sound and the light did excellent jobs to help the show; they are the signal for the transition between reality and memory. When sound and light changed, the audience will know the scene are about to change to neither memory or reality. For example, if the human muscle is the reality and memory, the sound and the light would be the structure. They are the fundamental basement for the entire performance.

Not only the sound and the light, actors’ actions also can show the switch between reality and memory. In the first part of this performance, the main actor acts like a primary student. Because people know the show change to memory part. Because of the light, the sound, the actors, it becomes a wonderful performance and a beautiful memory for me.


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