Makeup Event – Chopin Showcase Does Not Disappoint

Flyer promoting the event at Saint Xavier University, Friday, November 29th

Home for Thanksgiving, accompanying my brother to a Chopin Showcase doesn’t sound too bad

Written by Catherine Webber

This weekend while on home for Thanksgiving break my brother let me know of a Chopin showcase that was happening at the University up the road from us. I’m not usually into classical music, so at first, I said I didn’t want to attend. However, my brother can be quite convincing so I found myself walking up to the school on a Friday night to join my brother. I sat down and was not anticipating anything great, I admit I was pretty pessimistic walking into this event. I should have known better. Live music is live music and it never disappoints.

My view from my seats. Not too shabby.

I was not very familiar with Chopin prior to my attending this event, so I really appreciated that the people performing would note what piece they were playing before they put their fingers to the keys. My brother told me this was not very common, so I soaked it up and wrote down my favorite ones, so I could listen when I got home. I also really liked how the showcase had a few different performers. Each one was different and brought something new to Chopin’s work. Their different visions shined through each of their unique performances. My favorite piece was the last piece performed. I wish I could’ve taken a video, but we were told not to, but it was so beautiful the way the performer played it. I have added it to my Spotify playlist that I usually use to walk to classes. I want to listen to it every day!

I was very grateful to spend this experience with my brother. He is very musically inclined and it always fascinates me to witness him taking in music of any sort. As I said before I”m usually not very into classical music; however, I have changed my tune a bit and allowed my brother to expose me to even more classical music. It is all so moving, but I have to say Chopin’s work is thus far my favorite! The crowd was so engaged with the performers on stage, this was for sure a night to remember for local classical music lovers. I will definitely be on the lookout for more classical music events happening near me, I can’t get enough!

My favorite performer of the night!

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