St. Louis Symphony Orchestra (Make Up Event)

Jake Xiao

St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, one of today’s most exciting and famous orchestras, performed on November 17th. St Louis Symphony Orchestra is the second-oldest orchestra in the country. This year is their 140th year for performance. Fortunately, I went to one of their events in its 140th year.


Before the performance started, people already seated. Same with me, we can not wait to see the performance. Personally, I can tell this performance will be different compared to other performances that I saw before by the group of audiences. In St. Louis symphony orchestra’s performance, lots of the audience are musical students. Some even brought a notebook which plans to write some notes down. When I finished watching this performance, I fell regard that I did not bring something to write down. They did a wonderful performance. They maintain their commitment to artistic excellence for performance. The St. Louis Symphony Orchestra played about seven songs in total. Each one is about five or six minutes long. And every player puts emotion into all the songs. Each professional plater also had a solo chance in a song to show their artistic excellence for music.


St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, the second-oldest professional symphony orchestra that preceded only by the New York Philharmonic, gave us an unbelievable memory on November 17th.


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