UI Jazz Band (Make Up Event)

Jake Xiao

Before the performance

Jazz was developed by African Americans and influenced by both European harmonic structure and African rhythms. Jazz was partially from blues, which is a music genre and used to be called Jass. Personally, saxophone would be prominent in Jazz, in which it is a principal vehicle for melodic improvisation. The reason is that saxophone has a great flexibility, blending well with both brasses and woodwinds. Also, it can use in Jazz Band brought changes in mouthpiece design to produce a brighter, more penetrating sound. UI Jazz band from the Big Band era illustrated the benefit of using saxophone as a prominent instrument on November 10th.

During the performance

This UI Jazz band used three different kinds of saxophone in this performance. The alto, soprano, trumpet, and trombone hold the melody; the Tenor, drums, and piano hold the bass. In 120 minutes, these players showed me how well they did. They had a great number of players that the sound matched perfectly. Also, there are multiple solo part in one song which can enrich the song. The director of the band also adds a vocal, which put a cherry on the top, in the middle of the performance. This performance gave the audience a wonderful memory. For me, it would be my one of the top saxophone concern.   


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