End of The Road: A self-reflection 🎟

Written by Bria Thurman

This has been an extremely fun semester and I am so happy I worked my way into this class.

This was my favorite class this year. I enjoyed the conversation we had within this class about the arts and how they connect with our past and our present. However, there are some works that represent our future because it shows where we’ve been, where we’re at, and where we’re going. I was able to see a diverse group of projects for this class and I want to continue to view projects my entire tenure here as a student at UIUC. I really had to fight to get this class into my schedule and just the difficulty of being a freshman and an undeclared freshman at that made it kind of rough. I am happy it worked for my good.

Including taking this class once a week we had to go to events around campus. I had to miss a great portion of the assignments because I am a student worker, so I am always busy. Even though I was often too busy for performances at Krannert I was able to find events to go to and participate in. This semester we went to eight different performances and those will be explored in this article. I did not enjoy all of the performances, however, I was always able to take something away from it which is the purpose of course. Overall, I feel culturally enriched from this class and I enjoyed it most of all.🎉

This picture is from the performance of Pat Metheny Side Eye. He brought out a 42 string guitar which for me was the highlight of the night for me.
This is from the performance Home by Geoff Sobelle at Krannert and it was a very fun and energetic performance.
This was the most relaxing event we went to this semester. Jennifer Monson Dance was at Krannert Art Museum. We were tasked to find an artwork and have a creative reaction with it.
This was the artwork we found inspiration from. El Sombrero by Barbra Rossi.
This photo is from Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra with Wynston Marsalis.
I am not a big fan of jazz but it was a mellow performance.
This is the poster for the Braiding workshop I went to as a makeup. I had already known how to do most of the styles they showed but my friends did not so I allowed myself to be their guinea pig. This was B.L.A.C.K’s workshop an RSO for creatives.
This is an art piece from the art talk at Krannert Art Museum. This was my favorite from the exhibit Migrations by Wosene Worje Korsof I believe is the artist’s name. Some of the exhibits included artwork referencing the Orishsa.
In the New Genesis, We’d all be Kings By Kenneth Bivens is the photo I featured in my article for the exhibit. This exhibit screamed We Love Black Nerds. This exhibit is called The Myths of KUTULIZA GHASIA.
This is from Tango at Krannert Art Museum. I did not dance because that isn’t my thing but I enjoyed my time there. The band that performed is Tangotta.

This is the end of the semester and I just wanted to make sure I thanked Prof. Robinson and Prof. Collins for a fun class.

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