The Trio Art!!! (Makeup Event)

The Jim Pryor Trio performed a series of Jazz music on Stage 5 during Krannert Uncorked on November 21.

By Wai Chuen Chan

On November 21, the Jim Pryor Trio performed a series of vibrant Jazz stylings of music on Stage 5 in Krannert Center for the Performing of Arts. Jim Pryor who is a piano specialist, joined by his fellow musicians with the instruments of violone and drums.

The Jim Pryor Trio performance on Stage 5.

Jim Pryor is the recipient of a Jazz Fellowship Award given by the American Pianists Association and the first place winner of the Great American Jazz Piano Competition. He has performed on numerous national and international jazz festivals and has performed in world renowned concert halls such as Roy Thompson Hall, Chicago Symphony Center, K├Âlner Philharmonie, etc.

The Jim Pryor Trio performance on Stage 5.

I think it is always special to perform Jazz music with piano. The low pitch from piano is always a special element for Jazz. The sound from the piano is like surrounding the whole environment with a deep voice of blues. It makes audiences to lose their own conscious and start diving into the music.

A video of the Jim Pryor Trio’s performance on Stage 5.

Furthermore, wine lover could not miss out this event also. During Krannert Uncorked, there will be new wine and wine samples offer at the bar next to Stage 5. Featured wines are also served at half price. It is absolutely a great opportunity for you to relax and enjoy music after a exhausting day.

Stage 5 bar offering drinks during performance.

I really enjoyed this event a lot. I got to enjoy music and wine during the performance. Jim Pryor, his piano skills were outstanding, and there was a mystery attractive force in it. Moreover, the events from Stage 5 are always free. It was a really fantastic experience with bunch of people enjoying music together.

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