A Life of Run!!! (Makeup Event)

The Long Run presents by Tere O’ Connor was performing on Colwell Playhouse at Krannert Center for the Performing of Arts.

By Wai Chuen Chan

On November 21, the Long Run directed by Tere O’ Connor, with the performers of Simon Courchel, Eleanor Hullihan, Emma Judkins, Heather Olson, Silas Riener, Matthew Rogers, Lee Serle and Jin Ju Song-Begin, performed on Colwell Playhouse at Krannert Center for the Performing Arts.

Colwell Playhouse.

Tere O’Connor is known as a foremost choreographer, mentor, United States Artists Rockefeller Fellow, Guggenheim Fellow, Doris Duke Performing Artist, and three-time “Bessie” Award winner. He is also known as Professor O’ Connor in Dance at illinois.

Long Run, a work for eight dancers perform a emotional content through time-based elements like velocity, polyrhythms, etc. Combining a wide range of dance textures with leg, foot, the spine and body. These performers move in solos or in ensembles of different sizes, to music, without music or regardless of music.

Tere O’ Connor Dance: Long Run handbook.

However, the dance is neatly harmonious. It is really a new experience of art from me. I have never seen a weird dance such as Long Run. The dancers would divide into different group and perform different dance moves. But all the dancers were still seems connected at some points, they would combine and disjoin, to present a whole full topic.

Before the performance in Colwell Playhouse.

I am really attracted by Long Run. It almost seems like the performance was nothing, but on the other hand, it still means something. Different things happened at the same time with music or without music, but these parts were still connected and combined harmoniously. Watching the show, I felt the dancers were presenting a art of life to me. With the music and light effect, I felt it was telling me a story of life.

Throughout the experience, it is just really interesting that I can’t stop thinking what was the meaning of this dance, what was the performance trying to tell or show me. The best part I like was the solo dance for Jin Ju Song-Begin. The show start with her dance alone without music. She dance weirdly with her poker face in the center, not a tiny bit of emotion has expressed from her face. And it was exactly her dance attracted my to think deeply about the purpose of Long Run.

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