The Journey of Art

For the very first time of my life, the art of milestone has been made with Fine and Applied Arts 110.

By Wai Chuen Chan

Krannert Art Opening Night Party – The first event I attend throughout this course.

It has been a wondering experience with FAA 110. Remembering when I first registered this course, I have known it is related to arts, but nothings more. The more the time passed, I have learned this class is lovely easy going and interestingly attractive. During the lecture, I have made friends easily with the environment where other classes can never be compared with. Everyone in the class was friendly and admirable. They were also come back different backgrounds and cultures which enrich my sight towards exotic countries.

Fine and Applied Arts 110 have also given me the great opportunity to touch arts in the closest moment. I have gotten to attend eight art events throughout the course, which would definitely be zero if I changed my mind at the first place. And the way arts presented to us is numerous, I have experienced arts through body, movement, vision, sound, etc. I am really looking forwards to experience arts in a different way.

Surprisingly, I am interestingly into Jazz music now because the experience given to me from this course. I feel the sounds of Jazz music is deep, often quite mysterious. Jazz can perform in different kinds of song, but the music comes from the instruments have always gone into my body. It really is fascinating and charming.

At the end, I want to present the events I have attended and make a small acknowledgement here. Thanks to my two professor, Dr. Janice Marie Collins and Dr. Valleri J. Robinson, who have brought and taught Arts to students. In addition, thanks to Krannert Center for the Performing Arts which have provided the opportunity for our students to experience Arts. This class would never been this easy and amazing without their works.

Here is the events I attended:

KCPA Opening Night Party

Bombino performance.

Chris Botti

Chris Botti and Anastasiia Mazurok performing on stage.

Jennifer Monson Dance

One activity in Krannert Art Museum where we were feeling the surroundings with eyes closed.

The Jim Pryor Trio

Jim Pryor Trio performance.

Tere O’Connor Dance: Long Run

Waiting Long Run to be performed in Colwell Playhouse.

Wind Symphony and Wind Orchestra

Illnois undergraduate and graduate students performance.

The Nutcracker Pre-performance

Edison Middle School Jazz Band performance.

Latin Jazz Ensemble

Jazz performed with South American, Caribbean, Afro-Cuban, and traditional Jazz influences.

Jazz Band IV

Illinois group preparing to perform Jazz from the Big Band era.

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