A wonderful experience with Music and Art

Jake Xiao

FAA 110, a course that exploring Arts and Creativity, is my favorite course from the fall semester. Students in this class can go watch many performances and exhibitions. We had wonderful experiences during the time outside the class when watching the performance also inside the course doing the activity.

During this semester, there are lots of events that I would like to watch it again because these players did such a fantastic job in the performance. During the performance, the audience can tell these players really love their work, they enjoy the time when they are playing. Buddy Gus is one of these players, an American blues guitarist, and singer. He did improvisation during his performance, which is still one of my favorite parts. Because of the love of music and stage, Buddy Gus played twenty more minutes in the scene that night. The second performance, Home form Colwell Playhouse, a magical performance, is the special one from many shows that I saw before. This is a unique show that conjuring was evolved. It is crazy and unexpected, but it works well. That is one of its main characters. Form many of the performance that I saw in this semester, Modern Jazz player, Wynton Marsalis, and his remarkable ensemble are my favorite. His performance is a mix with ensemble playing and solo showcases, and there are not in order. The audience does not know the songs list, which is good because it can increase the audience’ s interest. It is like open a Christmas box that you never know until you open it.

From the list of performances that I watched, Nature of Forgetting did the best in light and sound. The Natural of forgetting talks about the story of Tom, a father who is struggling in the early stages of dementia with old life memories. Therefore, the light and the sound are the sign between memory and reality. The light and the sound are the fundamental basement for the entire performance.
St. Louis Symphony Orchestra, one of today’s most exciting and famous orchestras, and the UI Jazz band from a big band area tells me how to be a band person. For example, what should I act during the solo portion and the ensemble portion?

FAA 110, my favorite course this semester, gives me a wonderful and remarkable experience about the music, art, and dance; these would be a great and sweet memory for me.

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