Live from WEFT Studio (Polanski)

I stayed a while after class today to work out some of the problems I was having.  The second I felt ahead on Assignment 2 , I would do something stupid (like taking my jump drive out before saving and having to reconnect my images) and then have to play catch up.  I stayed a little after class so I could get a better feel for the Final Cut program and now I feel much more comfortable.  I had to ask a bunch of questions  today, which shows I may have needed some extra time to figure things out.   If you want to see what I did check this out.

As far as the actual experience of gathering the material for today’s work, it was fairly easy.  I tried out my recorder before showing up to WEFT radio in downtown Champaign and did a short test-run as the band warmed up to see if the audio I recorded was clear.  Because the station and other people were filming and taking shots of their own, I didn’t feel uncomfortable getting in the musicians’ faces.  It was a great environment to shoot at because I was able to get right up in front.  Had it been at a crowded bar, I would have had a harder time getting clear shots because of heads blocking my view and dark lighting.  So, shooting went well.  I liked the musicians that played, so I was getting my work done while having a good time.

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