Capturing Excitement for Assignment 2

For assignment two, Professor Collins wanted us to shoot pictures of an event to show action. I liked the challenge of showing action through still frames. It was a unique concept that, I believe, turned out pretty well.

I choose to shoot my sorority’s Bid Day, which is the day when each sorority on campus gains their new members for the year. It was actually fun to look at this event from a new perspective by trying to take interesting shots from a variety of angles. I tried to capture the excited anticipation of the moments before the new girls arrived and the hysteria of the moments when they cam running down our street.

Putting together Assignment 2 was not as challenging as I thought it would be. I remembered most of the things that I had learned about Final Cut Pro from the last class. I finished the project with relative ease. The most difficult part of the assignment was deciding which photos to include in my video as I took well over the required 12.

Here is my finished project:

Assignment 2: Bid Day Excitement



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