My First Attempt at a New Media

Assignment three called for the addition of audio to the still photo video from assignment two. This was my first experience with audio. While the road to the final product was more than shaky, I do think the audio adds something special to my initial video.

My first mistake was disconnecting the memory card reader from the computer. This caused all my images to go “offline” and took some help from Professor Collins and a considerable amount of time to correct. Once my pictures were back, I noticed my second mistake. I had not labeled any of the audio files that I had created while shooting my event. As a result I had to spend even more time listening to each file and locating the snippets that I wanted to include.

Eventually, I had the audio lined up just the way that I wanted with audio matching the photos shown in my video. I was happy with my finished product and excited to have completed my first assignment involving audio. I knew this would be an interesting project. I liked the fact that the audio so enhanced the images. It was like the audience got to focus on the image and transport themselves to the exact time and place where the photo was taken with the audio.

However, I did experience some more problems when I tried to upload my video to YouTube. After several tried the video finally loaded and I thought my work was done. Unfortunately the audio is much lower than I expected when played on YouTube. Some parts are inaudible on my laptop. Next time, I must pay more attention to the volume of the audio when uploading my videos.

Here is my final product:
Assignment 3: Capturing the Excitement of Bid Day with Sound


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