The Heavenly Strings

The heavenly strings that pulled my heart so perfectly and unexpectedly.

Written by Jackie Dominguez De Paz

            In a world where everyone is in a hurry, it feels like one never gets the time to close their eyes, stop for a while and think. To think about everything that life has thrown at us but we have never taken the time to fully understand. A one hour cello performance by Jonathan Swensen allowed me to reflect on my thoughts that have been suppressed for so long.

            Honesty is the policy and honestly, I was dreading to go to a cello performance on a beautiful sunny day. Little did I know that a cello performance would make feel like all the little broken pieces in me were put back together just by simply listening.  

            As I walked into what seemed to be an empty Foellinger Great Hall, I sat and tried to tell myself that I could sit through the first half of the performance and then walk out. To my surprise, I stayed for the whole performance. The second Jonathan Swensen touched the cello’s string, I completely spaced out and was taken to another universe with the heavenly music of the cello in the background. It was during this time when I came to the realization that art is everything. That everything in life is beautiful and that although we see in color sometimes we are so blinded that we cannot see the beauty of the color.

            After Jonathan Swensen’s performance I have the most upmost respect for cello players. It saddens me that the biggest hall in The Krannert Art Performing Center was practically empty, however his performance left me completely speechless and fulfilled like I’ve never been before.

What may appear like an empty Foellinger Great Hall was indeed great and full of reassurance.

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