The Original Star-Crossed Lovers

By Veronica Y. Gonzalez
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I had never read or seen Romeo and Juliet but I knew the overall plot. It is one of the most famous plays ever so basically everyone has heard of it. Today, I had the chance to watch it on Digital Theatre. This version of the play was 2 hours and 51 minutes long. Although it was a long play, it held my attention the whole time. (make-up)

How was music incorporated into the play? Throughout the play, there were a few live music performances. Before the play even begins, there are musicians on the stage playing. I assume that this is so it isn’t silent as the audience members take their seats. Music was also used to show the passing of time. After Romeo and Juliet meet, a song is sung to show that the night has passed and it is the following day. Also, music is used to emphasize emotions. *Spoiler* When Juliet takes the potion that will make her seem dead, a melancholic song is performed.

Musicians and singers before play starts

How is the difference of class shown in the play? The various characters in this play have different positions. Some of them are cooks, some of them are princes, and some of them are priests. There are different ways used in the play to represent social class. One way was the clothing they wore. Juliet, Romeo, and their families wore fine clothing with vibrant colors like red and blue. The priest and other non-wealthy characters wore neutral colors like brown and gray. The next way to differentiate was a character’s appearance. Juliet’s nurse had crooked teeth and the priest was covered in dirt in some scenes while the more wealthier characters had straight teeth and were always clean. Lastly, characters had different accents. Juliet’s nurse had a drastically different way of speaking than Juliet and her family.

Romeo and the priest

How is viewing the play more intriguing than reading the play for some people? I personally like viewing plays more than reading them. I haven’t read Romeo and Juliet but I assume I wouldn’t enjoy reading the play as much as I enjoyed watching this performance. By viewing it, my attention is captured the whole time while I usually get distracted when reading. Viewing the play allows us to see the characters brought to life in different ways. There are many different versions of the play performed so this one I just watched is different from other performances of the same play. I will definitely find other performances of this play so I can compare and contrast them.

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